Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Trojan Horse in our Schools

I read an article one time that I will never forget. It asked the question, "How will America hand over our precious freedom when we have been blessed with it for all of these years?" The answer? Our children. This age and agenda want our children. If they have our children, they have our freedom. A Trojan horse has now entered our schools. We didn't even know it was there. It is full of ideas, and agenda's that have now let loose on our children. This email below is haunting to me. It is time we take action, and take our schools back.

July 31, 2007
NEA begins massive drive to promote homosexuality in public schools
Is it time for a school voucher program?Without allowing members to vote on the matter, the executive committee of the National Education Association (NEA) decided to advance aggressively the homosexual agenda. The decision was made at the association's annual meeting in Philadelphia.
First, the committee voted to put the weight of the NEA behind an effort to pass federal hate crimes legislation, a measure that would greatly expand federal power and lead to the silencing of moral opposition.
Second, the executive committee voted to boost the NEA's Web site to "include all resources" devoted to homosexual causes.
The third resolution urged NEA members to push to make sexual orientation training a requirement for earning a license to teach.
They continued their financial support of homosexual groups.
Click here for report from OneNewsNow.com. Click here for the report of the NEA Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Caucus.
It matters little to the NEA that Johnny may be unable to read and write, as long as he learns to support same-sex marriage.
Take Action
Given the opportunity, would you favor giving a voucher to students, allowing them to choose the school of their choice? Because the voucher would be given directly to the student, there would be no violation of the church and state issue.

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