Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bauer Playing Politics with our Families

Who will stand up for our families? Who will be willing to go against the political "PC" and listen to the family's begging for some tax relief? After Representative Walorski's decision to go against the flow of even her own party, Speaker Patrick Bauer decided to repsond to her leadership with the following...

"But Speaker B. Pat Bauer says her plan to eliminate the property tax is impossible.“You would have to eliminate local schools and/or local government, local police and local fire,” he explained. “Or you would have to replace that property tax with another source of revenue, and the only two sources of revenue on the state level that raise any money are sales and income [taxes].”

Mr Bauer, I ask you, where are our Seniors going to go when they cannot pay their massive Property tax bills? This is imoral, and to me... criminal for those who have worked hard to pay thier mortgage, to loose their homes to the Government if they can't pay the piper. Things need to change quickly... and Mr. Bauer I have news for you. THERE IS A SOLUTION. There is a permenant solution if you take your political hat off, and work together. It is time to stop passing blame, and start responding to our families. It has been reported that Representative Walorski's drive for signatures for Property tax reform is bringing over 100 signatures an hour. Mr. Bauer, listen to those signatures.

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