Friday, July 27, 2007

Hours wasted over needless Debate in Indiana

The following was released yesterday from the Family Research Council. Last session, the Indiana Legislators fell prey to the fear monger. They did not have the courage to stand up for traditional marriage because of the plan from the "same sex" activist planting fear in several Legislators. State Representative Terri Austin did a 360 and voted against marriage, quite contrary to her promise to her voters.

All eyes were on Ohio yesterday, as both sides of the marriage debate held their breaths for a ruling on a domestic violence statute that some have argued might run afoul of the new state marriage amendment. A man accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend had argued that he couldn't be charged with domestic violence because the state's marriage amendment bars Ohio from "assigning legal status to unmarried couples." The state supreme court disagreed, ruling 6-1 that the domestic violence law's protections are available to victims of criminal acts regardless of their legal status. Fortunately, the decision was a victory in both protecting people from domestic violence and upholding the state's marriage amendment. It may also save other states from similar suits, as same-sex activists planned to use this loophole as grounds to question the wisdom of other amendments. You may remember that in Indiana earlier this year state Rep. Terri Austin (D) used the same rationale to single-handedly sabotage a vote on a marriage amendment. She switched sides at the 11th hour, citing concern that a vote for marriage was a vote to weaken the state's domestic violence laws. Now that a state supreme court has proved her wrong, we urge Austin to change course and, most importantly, fulfill her promise to protect marriage as she vowed to do in the first place.

It's time we DEMAND that the Indiana Legislators put marriage first, and bring SJR7 to the floor for a FULL VOTE, and take it to the people!

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moral observor said...

Wow, it's too bad this isn't printed in the newpapers. It's nice to hear the inside story.
Come on Indiana, wake up and make marriage between one man and one woman the only legal marriage...