Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bush's promise to veto Hate Crimes.

This in tonight from the Family Research Council...

White House Returns to the Scene of the Hate Crimes
The growing concern about the ultimate impact on free speech and religious liberty of sweeping federal "hate crimes" legislation has not been lost on the Bush administration. Yesterday the White House announced that the President would veto any attempt to expand the federal "hate crimes" law--"even if it means sending the defense authorization bill back to Congress." Hoping to force the special rights measure through the Senate, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) attached it to legislation that affects national security. We applaud President Bush for refusing to blink. After a concerted effort by FRC and a motivated coalition led by our good friend Bishop Harry Jackson, more churches are learning that the only way to broaden "hate crimes" is ultimately by treating crime victims inequitably and by limiting free speech and religious expression. The Senate is expected to take up "hate crimes" legislation when it returns next month.
Now is a great opportunity to call President Bush to thank him for his unwavering stand to veto this dangerous bill. You can call 202-456-1111. We will keep you updated on this bill as it progresses forward.

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