Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm suing gayHarmony

This column is a down and dirty look at where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.I'm suing gayHarmony for discrimination. That's right. Because without having checked, I'm certain there isn't a single homosexual site or publication that offers what I'm looking for: A heterosexual pro-life Christian who likes long walks on the beach and wants to help fight unequal justice mandated in the speech-restricting "hate crimes" bill.Those bigoted heterophobes. Before you call the thought police, I don't really think the homosexual publications should be forced to cater to me. But unfortunately, that tolerance is not reciprocated. Lesbian Linda Carlson of San Francisco is suing eHarmony because she can't find a date. They don't offer a category for "lesbian bullies seeking women," so she wants to bully eHarmony until they do. My advice to eHarmony: Stand strong for your freedom of conscience or you'll invite a whole new batch of lawsuits from: The Mary Kay LeTerneau's of the world because there's no "teachers seeking students" category; The Pete the Pedophiles – for age discrimination (no "men seeking children" category); Chris the Cross Dresser – because there's no category for cross dressers (and whatever they seek), leading people online to believe that he's just a very ugly woman.Our next category is attacking private business owners. That's nothing new for the homosexual activists. Scott Brockie was fined because he didn't want to print homosexual propaganda; he's $170,000 in debt for his religious beliefs.

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